STEPS Romania was set up to help disadvantaged children in Romania. Teams of people with some, little or no D.I.Y. experience spend a week at their own expense working on projects to provide facilities for children in Romania.

A dreadful hospital needed a children’s playground – we built one.

There was a serious problem of children with AIDS – we helped build a hospice.

We found street children living in the city’s sewers – we renovated a hostel.

Roma children needed a welfare centre – we helped build one.

A Roma school needed a carpentry workshop – we helped build one.

A kindergarden in Slobozia needed an extension – we built it.

And, since then we’ve done lots more too! Take a look at our project gallery to see more.

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Romania is still a very poor country and we’re always looking for more projects to get involved with if you know of any that you think may be of interest to us then please get in touch.